Antonio House


Well here it is, my first ever blog! I thought this could be a good idea for all those of you know want to keep up with me or just want some procrastination…like this is to me!

A few weeks ago Josh (my boyfriend) and I went on a tour, and this was a very special tour as no many people have ever been on this tour. It was a tour of Antonio House.

The beautiful red brick face of the house (only a small section of the's HUGE!)

For those of you familiar with Christchurch, Antonio Hall is that old derelict mansion on Riccarton Road…you know the one with all the overgrown grass and everyone thinks it used to be a loony hospital? For those not sure what I’m talking about then continue to read and all will be revealed…..

A broken window with ghostly curtains flapping in the breeze

This mysterious house came to being when a man called Thomas Kincaid purchased the six acres of land in 1904 and developed it into beautiful homestead for himself and his wife. When Thomas Kincaid died it was handed down through a couple of prominent Cantabrians, becoming officially named a historical site at the same time.

We found these original sketches of the Chapel's stained glass windows just lying on the ground

In 1946 it was purchased by one Bishop P.F. Loyns and used as a school for boys training to become priests. The first day of this school was the 2nd of February 1947. However with lack of pupils this insititute died out and gave way to Antonio House being used as a hostel for university students in 1979 till 1980. After that it was turned into a boarding facility and also a wedding venue.

You can see the beautiful stained glass windows and red bricks of the massive chapel that is part of Antonio House

Not too shabby at all! Looks rather similar to my room last year!

This was in one of the student's rooms of the old boarding house. If this was their dart board, I wonder what were their darts?

Antonio House was finally sold again in 1993 to the Wellstar Company who wanted to turn it into a hotel, however due to lack of funds the place has ended up as we see it today, an expanse of over 100 rooms, 7 lecture rooms, a library, a cool store and extensive dining and function rooms…all deserted and quiet.

The building has been deserted for so long that vines are taking over the rooms...this is inside a bedroom and you can see them growing on the roof and walls!

This was written by one of the grounds keepers...they've had a big problem with intruders and theives before and after the earthquake, they hope this will try scare the weak ones off

Many people think the house is haunted…while we didn’t see any ghosts on our day visit, I think it would be an entirely different story at night, it most definitely has an eeiry feeling to parts of the building.

While we were on the look out for ghosts this was the scariest thing we saw all trip...

With the House being deserted it seems very accommodating to squatters and homeless people, however the candles they use for light can cause fires like the one that destroyed this room.

While the fire would have been terrible, it did leave some pretty cool textures for my to enojy!

And more bubbles on the wall paper

The burnt room before was one of the private rooms, quite similar to a Uni room of today, however this bedroom only had the three walls you can see and another bedroom, just the same facing it, all in all there were about 40 bedrooms like this one in one large room, almost like those office pens you get with big companies.

These are photos I took on the tour, hope you enjoyed them…also if you want to read more about Antonio House, here’s the newsletter I got all my information from:

adios for now!

And out the door we finish our tour!


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